Letter to my mom, two days after she went to be with the Lord

To Mom from Lynn on the morning of April 13, 2010

I woke up this morning wanting to walk out to the living room and tell you that I slept well. The reason I slept well is because, years ago, when my back began to trouble me, you wanted me to be comfortable while visiting you, so you purchased just the right mattress for me. Every morning since then, you asked me if I slept well. I wanted to tell you this morning, but you weren’t here. After 53 ½ years of having you in my life, it is hard to imagine you not being here.

Mom, I have so many great memories of you. You were the most giving person I know. Nothing pleased you more than giving to others, whether it was birthday or Christmas presents, or, more often, homemade apple pies and coffeecakes. I was not surprised when Patti told me that, just two days ago, you told her what you planned to give Dad for his birthday in July. You wanted her to make sure and purchase the gift and give it to him for you in case you weren’t here.

Your love for Dad is yet another gift you gave us. He was your Knight in Shining Armor. My heart just melted the other day when he called you his bride, even after 55 years of marriage. If I could love my husband half as much as you loved Dad, I know he would be overjoyed.

One of the most impressionable gifts you gave to us children was music. You were always singing. Singing all over the house as you worked. You were always working. Now, I sing, and my children sing, as we go about our daily routines. And I work, too, though not nearly as hard as you did. You and Dad are tied at being the hardest workers I have ever known. Thank you for modeling to us one of your many proverbs: “Busy hands are happy hands.”

I can imagine you are working right now, up in heaven. If you told me once, you told me a thousand times, don’t forget to dry the shower tile so it is clean for the next person to shower. I have a new house now and the shower is huge. But I still dry the tile every time, always thinking of you. Thanks, Mom, for leading such an exemplary, disciplined life. “Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today,” you said. Your will power was so strong. We children did not get away with anything. Well, except for Frankie. But that was because Dad spoiled him.

Mom, I don’t want you to worry about Dad. Though we children could never take your place, collectively, we will try to come close to filling the void in his heart. He loves you so much and depended on your strength and courage. We’ll keep him busy with our appliance and car repairs, and bake him apple pies. By the way, may I have your rolling pin? It doesn’t roll as well as mine, but if it helps me put the love into my pies that you put into yours, I know they will taste so much better.

Finally, Mom, I hope you are breathing easily. Watching you struggle for your last thousand breaths yesterday was hard. Breathe deeply and long and sing and dance before the Lord. I’ll catch up to you when my work here is done.

I love you,



Anonymous said…
sniff, sniff...that was so beautiful, Lynn... sniff...You were blessed with loving parents...and because of them, you are, you you are. You are a blessing to your family! you are a blessing to me! Thank you for sharing your heart to your mother...I know, she must be smiling...bonita
Anonymous said…
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