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Summing up the summer:

I do not know how to describe this summer. On one hand it was crazy; on the other it was boring. Living in the city cannot compare to the country. Yes there are lots to do, but it all costs money. Whereas in the country, no one cares if you step out into your backyard and practice shooting. And there are plenty of horses and cows in the country. Anyway, Jade started swimming lessons. At first it was clear she did not like the teacher’s ideas about swimming. But by the second lesson, she would not stop talking about Ms. Kathleen and everything she was learning in her lessons. She begged to go to the pool and looked forward every week to her lessons. Micah started a six week music festival in Main. He learned a lot and had a great time, but was glad to get back home and settle in to prepare for the school year. Christian is working as an intern at Vanderbilt for the summer and is also learning a lot. David is still trying to get into OTS and joining the Marines as an officer. Bu