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Wednesday May 25th: The Great Ending:

Today was by far the best day and highlight of the China tour. At least it was for me. Even though the last couple days were pretty hard, I was super excited and woke up way earlier than necessary. This morning is also our last breakfast in the hotel, so I made it a doozy. We were supposed to head out by 9:00, but a couple people were late, so we didn’t leave until 9:15. I was so wound up I could hardly contain myself. Five years ago Dad, Mom, and I climbed The Great Wall of China. Not all of it of course, but a good portion. Today, our group went to The Great Wall of China. I was so super excited to go back and climb it again! I was too ancy to hold still, and kept standing up and walking to the middle door window to get a good look outside. We finally got there around 10:00, but we couldn’t start climbing yet. Finally at 10:15 they let us through and I bolted to the wall. When I climbed five years ago we went up the steepest part and back down the same.