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Christmas Newsletter, 2019

--> Immanuel – God With Us! Greetings! It has been four years since our last Christmas newsletter; there is much to relate.   God continues to bless all of our families, as we are now eight families with 34 members and counting! In 2015, Tom, Jade, and I moved back to our farm in Tennessee.   We quickly realized that, without a bunch of children around to keep up with the chores, it was too much work for us to do.   We aren’t getting any younger!!   After taking a couple of years to update the property and prepare for selling, we moved to the nearby small town of Fairview.   Only three traffic lights in Fairview!   A big improvement over Atlanta! Tom is still working as a healthcare design consultant, traveling almost every week to different states.   He now actually enjoys mowing our small 1-acre lot.   Tom has a new project to keep him busy, however.   Ever since he was a young boy, Tom longed to own a cottage on Long Lake in Alpena, Michigan, where hi