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Christmas Family Newsletter

Many of you have received our yearly newsletter in the mail. I have also posted it here. If you have already seen it and want to see other entries, just click on the months on the right. TOM On August 25, 2007 I was honored to give my daughter Katie to Roberto Diaz to be his wife. Scripture describes marriage as “two becoming one flesh”. WOW, it was a delight in my life to be blessed by my daughter and newest son Roberto! On May 12, I was honored to see Rose receive two university diplomas with honors for her dedication and hard work. Daily, the children fill the house with music as they fine tune their talents to their parents’ delight. Jade reminds us moment by moment of the boundless energy which flows from a two year old. David zips in and out from college leaving car parts and dead dear in his wake. Tony and Rachel are growing in their love for one another and their desire to serve our Lord. Lynn continues with her steadfast love and devotion to me and our children. H