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Friday, Tom's birthday

Today is Tom's birthday and he chose to take the boys out for a day of fishing. The boat left at 9 am and returned at 5 pm. It was the sunniest day we have had, so the guys were well worn out when they returned with close to 100 fish. They caught 1 grouper and the rest were rudders and grunts. The first few photos are from the day before, fishing off of the beach. Starfish collected from the farthest sandbar. David, fishing from shore Bekah, Jade and Christine Diaz Jade, dancing with Daisy Comparing sunburns Heading out to sea Quite a big catch Micah with his grouper Captain giving orders The fish cleaner

Tuesday at the Beach

Another great day at the beach! This was Rose's last day here. She flies home this afternoon. After Jade's encounter with the seagull yesterday, the boys devised a plan to trap a gull or two. Christian buried Micah in the sand and put chex mix bait on his abdomen. When the seagull landed to take the bait, Micah tried, unsuccessfully, to grab the bird. After Micah's failure, Christian tried it, but to no avail. The seagulls were wise to the seemingly-breathing sand! Later, back at the condo, Tom spotted four manatees in the waters below our balcony. They definitely are slow-moving mammals. Bekah found a live conch shell. Rose and Jade eating the bait! Notice Micah's head and hat just to the left of Rose's head. Micah waiting for the seagulls. The manatees Dinner time after a long day.

Florida, 2008

We are having a wonderful vacation time at Clearwater Beach, Florida. We (Tom, Lynn, Rose, David, Bekah, Micah and Jade) arrived Saturday evening and are staying in a most beautiful condominium owned by the Diaz family, Roberto's brother and sister-in-law. On Sunday, some good friends from Orlando, Bonita, Wayne and Nathan Slaymaker came to visit. On Monday, we picked up Christian from the airport and spent a fun day at the beach, swimming and making sand castles. Enjoy the photos! The Condo View from the balcony Jade getting ready for the beach! The Mermaid The boys are fishing in the inter-coastal water. A hamburger on the beach. Jade is enjoying her hamburger ... ...until a seagull snatches it away. So Christian prepared an Anti-Seagul Missile System Christian found a coconut in the ocean.