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Letter to my mom, two days after she went to be with the Lord

To Mom from Lynn on the morning of April 13, 2010 I woke up this morning wanting to walk out to the living room and tell you that I slept well. The reason I slept well is because, years ago, when my back began to trouble me, you wanted me to be comfortable while visiting you, so you purchased just the right mattress for me. Every morning since then, you asked me if I slept well. I wanted to tell you this morning, but you weren’t here. After 53 ½ years of having you in my life, it is hard to imagine you not being here. Mom, I have so many great memories of you. You were the most giving person I know. Nothing pleased you more than giving to others, whether it was birthday or Christmas presents, or, more often, homemade apple pies and coffeecakes. I was not surprised when Patti told me that, just two days ago, you told her what you planned to give Dad for his birthday in July. You wanted her to make sure and purchase the gift and give it to him for you