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2010 Christmas Newsletter

Our New Atlanta Home 2010 Christmas Photo Tom This has been a year of big events. I guess that should be expected when the family grows in number each year! We moved from a middle Tennessee farm to the bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia. We experienced the birth of our second grandchild and the announcement of our third. We started new universities, jobs, hobbies, instructors, missions, and more. Most significantly, we witnessed the passing of my mother and mother-in-law. Lynn and I were blessed to have been with our mothers as they passed and, all things considered, it could not have been more peaceful. We honor them with our grieving and carry their imprint on our lives in more ways than can be known. We are eternally grateful for the influence they have had on our lives. Life is fast, furious, and unpredictable at times, but I am blessed with a Lord that is steadfast, faithful, and loving. I am equally blessed with a wife that is steadfast, faithful, and loving as she continues day a

Year Wrap-Up:

Well, it has been a while since we posted on here. At the moment, we are preparing for the Christmas season. Each year seems to fly by faster than the previous. This has been full of change for our whole family. This summer was filled with adjusting to our new city life in Atlanta Georgia. We’d unpack and organize, shop for a few items to fill the bare walls and empty shelves. Then we’d find more boxes to unpack and organize. Then we started the hunt for basement library book shelves and porch furniture. Then we’d find even more boxes. Finally, after 9 months since our move from Dickson TN to Atlanta GA, boxes have stopped showing up throughout the house. Our house in Sandy Springs finally has the Wallen flair and feels like home. Who would have thought that the Wallen family would feel at home in a neighborhood outside one of the largest cities in America after living in the country for 13 years? Soon we will be posting our yearly newsletter and you will