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Riley is a 4-year-old grey Quarter Horse/Paint and is just under 16 hands, I think. He has only been ridden a couple of times and is very green broke. He hasn’t had any real steady training, so doesn’t know leg commands and is very swervy. But he has an incredibly smooth canter and learns pretty quickly. He kind of has a laid back personality and is really sweet. I can’t picture him as an English horse. He grew up in a field with a bunch of cows and prefers chasing things. His previous owners gave me his papers, but I haven’t switched them over to my name yet. Butterfly is a 5-year-old bay Quarter Horse/Paint and is about 15 hands. She is green broke. She has only been ridden a few times this year, but when I was riding her regularly she responded easily to vocal and leg commands concerning speed. She does not know her leads yet, but when we canter through the field she switches effortlessly on her own without breaking stride or changing speed. I’ve only done western style riding with