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Christmas 2008 Newsletter

Jade is visiting the Christchild From Tom On July 20th, I was privileged to hold my first grandchild, Celeste Lynn Diaz. After a long day of anticipation at the hospital, Roberto brought her into the waiting room. She looked directly at all of us assembled there, and it was love at first sight. We thank God for a happy, healthy little girl initiating a new chapter in our lives. My days and weeks remain full of travel as I continue my weekly commute to Chicago. After an initial period of adjustment, my career at The Walsh Group has begun to take shape. The work is steady, the people are great, and I appreciate the development of an extended network of clients and partners. I continue to be sustained in the pace of my life by a wife whose grace is matchless by any human standard. Her steadfast faith and service to her family continue to produce exceptional children and grandchildren. Enjoy reading the news, and I pray that you look in anticipation of what our Lord Je