Happy 30th Anniversary!!!

It has been 30 years ago tomorrow that I walked down the aisle and became Mrs. Thomas Wallen. For our honeymoon 30 years ago, we went to Toronto for 3 days. (Tom had a mid-term exam at school on Wednesday evening, so we had to get back.) Tom surprised me by booking a trip to Toronto and Niagara Falls this weekend.

We arrived in Toronto, via Buffalo and driving over the border, on Friday evening. When we arrived at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale, the desk clerk informed us that our reservation was for 5 days ago. Tom did not notice the incorrect date on his confirmation notice. A quick call to the Priority Club (it was a reward points reservation) fixed the problem and we were given our room. We went across the street to look for a restaurant in the Yorkdale shopping center and ate at The Pickle Barrel Grand. A fine place with very healthy food and many customers. We went back to our room to sleep.

The next morning, we headed out to find Casa Loma, the only turretted castle in North America. There is a story here. On our first honeymoon, 30 years ago, we tried to find this castle. However, we were very frugal at the time. (I am speaking for myself. Tom and I were both still in college and working 2 part-time jobs each to make a living. I was a penny-pincher.) We did not want to take our car out of the downtown hotel parking garage as that would cost extra money. So, we walked the 2 miles to get to the castle. But then I found out that the cost of admission was $6 each. I told Tom I would rather not see the place. He could go in and I would wait outside. I thought that was generous of me. But, because Tom is a gentleman, he would not hear of me waiting outside, so we both just turned around and walked back to our hotel. Tom has never let me live that one down, so I wanted to take him back to the castle, called Casa Loma, and see it once and for all. Unfortunately, the price is now $16 per person. Oh well. We spent 3 hours in the Casa Loma and enjoyed it very much. I'll post some pictures.

We then went downtown to try and find our hotel, the Sheraton. There it was in the same place, across from City Hall and down the street from the Eaton Center. We walked around a while and remembered the views (Tom remembered way more than I did as he has a memory for architecture and I do not.). We headed back toward Niagara Falls for the next two nights.

After checking into our hotel, we asked the clerk for a restaurant and she suggested taking a walk along the Niagara River before eating. We did that, but it was quite dark and hard to find the path. The roar of the rapids drew us in the right direction. We were right next to the fast water above the American Falls. We walked to the top of the falls and viewed them with the colored lights on them. Amazingly powerful. After dinner, we watched a Hallmark movie and went to sleep.

The next morning, we slept in, ate breakfast in the hotel, and headed out to cross the border to see the Canadian Falls. Lots of walking, but spectacular views. It was cold today, high 48 degrees, and enough wind to freeze us. But we just kept walking. After taking as many pictures as we could, we headed back to the car and the United States. It feels so good to be in America. We drove to Goat Island to park again and start walking. We walked to the top of the American Falls and then out on the observation deck that hangs out over the top of the falls. By this time we were a little numb from the wind and cold and mist. We headed back to the car and stopped on the way to see a movie in the visitor center. We are now looking for a restaurant as we haven't eaten since breakfast. I'll post the picutres later.


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