Saturday's venture

It is Sunday morning and I have a few minutes to write. Yesterday, I took Tom to the sea where I walked the day before. (We avoided the pick-pocket area.) We then walked uptown toward the Gothic district to see things I missed when I was alone. Tom noticed some old Roman section of wall and we investigated and found an historical museum that shows some underground Roman ruins that were excavated during constuction in the 1930's. It was pretty fascinating as they uncovered parts of the fortress wall, a Roman home, and streets. The stones were mostly the original stones. Some of the mosaic floors were intact. You could even see ruts in the Roman road. We were not allowed to take pictures, however, except on the outside. Built above the ruins were a medieval chapel and we saw the chamber where Christopher Colombus met with the King and Queen upon one return from the New World. After that, we walked through some Ramblas, narrow streets with shops that form labyrinths that seem to never end. We then went back to the hotel to rest a bit and eat dinner.

In the evening, we hopped back on the subway to visit Montjuic, a small hill right on the coast that was the location for the Olympic Games in 1992. We did not view the Games area, but visited a large fountain and an art museum. Every 30 minutes, the fountain is synchronized to flow with several pieces of classical music. It is a beautiful piece of artwork and there were thousands of people gathered to watch. We observed it four different times and then headed home.

The photos of this day are better than before because Tom is a much better photographer than I. We are heading out today to view the Gaudi section of the city.


Anonymous said…
Hi Mom,
I'm enjoying reading all your adventures, although I'm sorry about the pick-pocketing. I'm looking forward to seeing you when I'm in TN May 2-6.

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