Gaudi is Cool After All

I do not have much time before my internet cuts off. I put today's photos on two separate posts because I did not have time to label them.

We started out today at a park that Antoni Gaudi designed. It was full of interesting spaces and construction. We walked through it for a couple of hours. Our preconception of Guadi was that he was somewhat strange in his designs. However, after learning more about him and his reasons for design, we have come to appreciate him very much. Especially when we took the tour of his most famous work in Barcelona, the Temple Sagrada Familia, "Temple of the Holy Family." This church was begun in 1882 and is still under construction. Gaudi knew he would not be alive to complete it, so he left behind many drawings and plaster models of how he wanted it built. It is full of symbolism, I mean full. It is supposed to be completed in 2020. Gaudi died in 1926, I believe. I don't have time to write all about the photos I posted, but I will after I return home.

Speaking of home, we are packing at this moment. I am so ready to go home and see my children. We have to wake up at 4 am to get to the airport. That will be tough. Have to close now.


Anonymous said…
Great pictures. I got a copy of the Wallen Street Journal. Always great to hear from you and your family. -bob

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